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Kittens are irresistible. These little balls of fur are full of energy and astoundingly agile and able to get into everything. They are also warm little snuggle buddies happy to cuddle and purr in your lap.  These tiny creatures are in a very crucial maturing stage and a daily probiotic can be very helpful to their growth and development. It is also a time in their lives when an imbalance of bad bacteria in the gut flora can be extra taxing on their little systems adding to the importance of a daily probiotic. In fact, averting gut disorders in your cat is one of the best ways to ensure that they lead healthy and happy lives. A daily probiotic will help strengthen their immune systems and facilitate long-term wellness.

Cats are known to be a bit finicky about their food. Most cats love the great tasting probiotics by NOVAnimal since they were voted the best tasting probiotics in the world. By introducing them during your feline’s kitten years they will develop a taste for them early on and they will be part of their feeding habit. Cats tend to like routine. In addition to awesome flavor NOVAnimal even comes with a perfect little scoop to indicate how much to sprinkle on their food and make adding a daily probiotic into your feeding ritual seamless.

NOVAnimal growth formula was specially created to meet your kitten’s needs. It is a pre and probiotic formula. It provides their delicate little systems with good bacteria and assists with controlling yeast.

When your cat has change in environment, a new member is introduced to the family (human or  animal), and boarding they can all be known as mild stresses. These mild stresses can lead to an intestinal imbalance in your feline’s gut. Kittens are more susceptible than adult cats to imbalances and antibiotics are also known to disrupt the balance. A daily probiotic is a great way to proactively help ensure your kitten has a healthy digestive tract and boost their overall sense of well-being.

Kittens are born without gut bacteria which leads them to be prone to digestive issues and diarrhea. A probiotic helps ensure that their systems are filled with good bacteria. Since kittens do not start their lives with a microbiome they begin to build one immediately after birth. They get microbes from their moms, people in their lives and their environments. It can be built from everything they come in contact with from toys to food and, hopefully, probiotics.

 Probiotics help kitten’s digestion and prevent digestive issues and lessen symptoms including vomiting, irritated tummies, constipation and  diarrhea. If you observe that your kitten’s feces changes or is abnormal a daily probiotic can often fix this too. Positive digestion is integral for your kitten to build and repair tissues and to achieve high energy levels.

By promoting a healthy gut probiotics can boost your kittens immune system and help to prevent parasitic infections. Roundworms are quite prevalent in kittens and they can become infected from their mom’s milk. Usually, vets will suggest deworming kittens. This is an essential time for probiotics. It is not super common but in some cases when a kitten is being dewormed the side effects can be upset stomachs including vomiting and diarrhea.

Many cat parents opt to have their kittens spay or neutered. The NOVAnimaL veterinarian line is ideal to help ensure a pleasant and through recovery from surgery.

 Watching your small kitten grow up is truly remarkable and adding a daily probiotic is one step you can take to prepare them for a long, healthy, contented life.

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