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Life happens. Taking care of your body by eating well, working out, sleeping enough and eliminating stress can be hard. While those are all important one amazing and super easy  thing that you can do for your overall health is taking a daily probiotic. This is beneficial for both men and women but there are some extra special reasons why it can help women.

Nova probiotics have a formula designed just for females and their body’s needs. Whatever stage of life you are in whether trying to get pregnant, breastfeeding or going through menopause a daily probiotic can help you in your journey.

Staying well is certainly a hot topic these days and we know that at least 70 percent of the immune system can be discovered in the gut. Within your gut good bacteria work to maintain balance and aid with digestion and immunity. Your gut health is so important in your overall wellness affecting everything from your mood to your weight.

Many women have suffered with urinary tract infections (UTIs), yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. Very unpleasant right?

Women’s menstrual cycles, stress and being on antibiotics all contribute to changes in the vaginal flora. If this flora is not healthy it can escalate the chances of yeast infections, UTI’s and bacterial vaginosis. Studies have shown that a daily probiotic was more effective in preventing UTIs then a daily antibiotic and do not include possible negative side effects. By strengthening the health of you intestinal bacteria the concentrations in your vaginal bacterial can change. Certain probiotics can actually kill unhealthy vaginal bacterial species and quell the growth of known vaginal bacterial pathogens. Also, there can be an increase in the growth of healthy bacterial species through improvement in the acidity of the vagina which certain probiotics have demonstrated the ability to do. A microscopic yeast organism called Candida albicans is responsible for most yeast infections. While this is found in a healthy vagina it can create issues and possible cause uncomfortable systems if the yeast grows out of control. Factors that contribute to this unwanted growth include stress, changes in diet, hormones and illness. A daily probiotic can assist in keeping a balanced internal environment.

Both sexes can and do experience issues with their weight however women tend to struggle more. Why is this? One reason is that females often have more body fat and less muscle than men. Muscle mass contributes to the metabolic rate. Probiotics can help with managing and maintaining your weight in several ways. Obese people often have less diverse gut bacteria then their lean counterparts. Probiotics have been shown to decrease the calories absorbed and increase the nutrient break down. Probiotics can help you to feel full longer, burn more calories and store less fat. This is partly caused by increasing the levels of certain hormones like GLP-1. They also can reduce gut inflammation and boost metabolic function while limiting the fat storing hormone and nurturing regular bowel movements.

Looking great can help many women to feel their best. Since toxins that are stored in your gut can manifest and detox in unforeseen ways like through your skin maintaining a healthy gut can actually help with everything from acne to eczema. Many people do not realize that a lot of skin issues are actually a by-product of an unhealthy gut. Probiotics have also shown to help minimize scalp inflammation to help strengthen the hair follicles. This can minimize the amount of hair fall you experience and boost the growth of your hair giving you thicker, healthier locks. Every hair on your head is surrounded by nourishing blood vessels. Probiotics attack the bad pathogens that can cause disease and keep your blood healthy which keeps your hair nourished and can promote hair growth. By helping with the digestion and absorption of amino acids probiotics can also lead to shiner and more lustrous hair and stronger nails.

Having your period is one of the more unpleasant parts of being a lady. PMS which effects up to 75% of women is certainly one of the more undesirable aspects. PMS symptoms happen as a response to fluctuating estrogen and progesterone levels during menstruation. The changing of hormone levels not only influence fertility but also can impact the neurotransmitter levels in the brain which cause mood swings. Many women’s strong PMS symptoms are related to estrogen dominance within their systems. This is often directly linked to gut health.  Once the estrogen has completed its function in your body it travels to the lover to be broken down and flushed out in urine or stool.  The liver then passes these estrogen by-products on to your gut for excretions. This can be a smooth, easy process if your gut microbiome is healthy. Specific microbes called estrobolomes in the gut decide whether the estrogen will pass out as they should or will be recirculated within your body. An imbalance in estrobolome may mean that estrogen is not correctly eliminated and the larger amount circulating escalates the symptoms of PMS.

While not all women want to get pregnant for many it is one of their most monumental life moments. Conceiving can be a struggle for some women. There have been studies which indicated that having a good ratio of certain probiotic strains can help. If you are trying to get pregnant speak to your OBGYN about which probiotics may help you the most.

A daily probiotic offers several benefits during pregnancy. They help to keep the tummy healthy by supporting digestion and promote a strong immune system. It not only benefits the mom-to-be though but also the unborn child. This is because babies get their first good bacteria through their moms both while they are in the womb and when they travel through the birth canal. This helps to form their immune systems.

While you are breastfeeding probiotics serve to keep the mom healthier which changes the composition of the breast milk to make it better for the baby.

These days many women seem to be “doing it all” from excelling in their careers to maintaining full family commitments and social calendars. A daily probiotic can help increase your energy levels to help you keep up. They increase the absorption of minerals like iron, copper, magnesium and manganese which are all important for the production of energy. B vitamins are also essential for energy production and a healthy gut flora aids in producing extra B vitamins.

With everything happening in the world it can be hard to remain in good spirits and depression and anxiety seems to plague so many. A daily probiotic can help elevate your mood. 90% of serotonin is made in your digestive tract.  Since the gut-brain connection is so strong anxiety and stomach problems are often linked. The gastrointestinal tract is very sensitive to emotions and can show signs in your stomach. If your gut is not happy and healthy it sends signals to your brain therefore triggering stress and depression.

Of course there are things about getting older that let’s be honest suck. Many women find menopause devastating. Remember getting older is a privilege not everyone gets. 52 is the average age for a woman to start to experience menopause. During menopause the body produces less estrogen and that affects different systems including the microbiome. By maintaining a healthy gut with healthy bacteria all functions can perform better. This includes digestion and internalizing the right ingredients and nutrients. An unhealthy gut can show symptoms like inflammation, irritable bowel, diarrhea and constipation. Daily probiotics can help with abdominal bloating and weight gain caused by menopause. Gut microbiota is known to control levels of oestrogen an important hormone which decrease in production during menopause. This hormone also influences the composition of microbiota in the gut. A shortage of oestrogen causes the relationship between the gut microbiota and oestrogen to be restructured. Therefore, managing the microbiome is especially essential during menopause. Women in menopause are at increased risk of osteoporosis and studies have shown that probiotics can help increase lumbar bone mineral density. Certain strains of probiotics have also demonstrated their effectiveness in assisting women in managing menopause symptoms like fatigue, vaginal dryness and nervousness.  For women over 50 a daily probiotic can have drastic positive results.

Breast cancer is the leading cause of death for women around the world. The good news is that studies have indicated that Lactobacillus acidophilus and L reueri both of which are in Nova Feminine probiotics can reach the mammary glands and anti cancer effects. During mastectomy or breast-conserving surgery probiotics can play a part in the therapy of postsurgical infections. The breast microbiome may impact cancer susceptibility and recurrence and commensal bacteria could effect the response to therapy by modulating the tumor microenvironment.

Women are awesome and their bodies deserve to be celebrated and nurtured. A daily probiotic is an extra boost in helping you to live your best life.

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