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Senior Cats

Senior Cats NG

The amazing thing about senior cats is they are old enough not to want to claw their way to the top of your curtains but young enough to happily climb into your lap. Senior cats are excellent company. Treasure the time with them as sadly they will eventually be only a memory you are left yearning for. Senior cats, like elderly humans, often require a little extra care to combat the issues that arise with age. NOVAnimal has a special advanced age formula specially made to accommodate the unique needs of older cats.

Probiotics help your cat to digest their food and strengthen their immune system. This leaves them better able to fight off viruses and illnesses since an out of balance digestive tract can compromise your cat’s immunity.  They also provide a natural defense system by attacking the bad bacteria. Not having robust intestinal and digestive health is the main source of health issues and degenerative disease in cats.  Cats are often good at controlling their intake of food and, in their younger years, tend to be quite active. Therefore,  many cats are lean and as they age they may become quite frail and thin and have trouble keeping weight on. Sometimes, this is due to an underlying medical issue but if they are otherwise in good health it can be because they have an imbalanced microbiome and are not getting what they require from their food. A daily probiotic can help restore the balance and enhance the assimilation of vitamins and nutrients.

Probiotics are an excellent way to prevent uncomfortable constipation in your older feline by boasting their intestinal function.

If your cat is sick the vet may put them on antibiotics. Luckily these are often able to offer many benefits and help with whatever issue they are having. The downside though is that while they are wiping out the bad bacteria many antibiotics will also wipe out the good bacteria too. Probiotics can help to repopulate the good bacteria that was demolished by the antibiotics. Your vet can guide you on giving your cat probiotics during antibiotic treatment. Often, you can give probiotics to your cat a few hours before or after administering their medications. If your cat is regularly on prescriptions or if they require surgery, you may even want to inquire with your vet about the NOVAnimal veterinarian line. The Antibio and Digestion formula is especially created to help with your cats digestive and intestinal health while they are using antibiotics.

Although your cat may not be able to speak up and tell you how they feel monitoring them will often allow you to determine potential problems. Adding a daily probiotic will help minimize incidents. If your cat is struggling with a digestive disorder they will often have symptoms such as soft stools, diarrhea, vomiting, change in appetite, flatulence, blood or mucus in the feces, weight loss and constipation. In older cats diarrhea, flatulence and bloating are both unpleasant and, in some cases, even fatal. Adding a daily probiotic often relieves them. It is also a great way to help with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Even if cats did not suffer with IBD when they were younger they may develop it as seniors. Runny poop and bad breath are common problems with elderly cats which are both issues best handled through their guts.

Kidney disease plagues many senior cats. This is often manageable and cats can still have many more good years. Some studies have indicated that cats with chronic kidney disease can have an improved quality of life and can potentially reduce blood urea nitrogen and creatine.

Cats notoriously love sleeping and being comfortable. This is especially true as they get older. Any cat lover knows that they have contributed so much to your quality of life just by being a part of it. It is extra essential that you ensure they well loved, content and healthy as they age.

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