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Borders are open and restrictions are being lifted leaving many people yearning to travel. As the temperatures drop in much of North America many people are ready to escape to warmer destinations. Of course, no one wants their vacation ruined by tummy troubles. NOVA Probiotics Ultra Strength and Travel probiotics are expressly formulated to help prevent you from getting sick while you are away.

It is recommended that you begin taking a daily probiotic at least two weeks before you expect to travel. This will assist in seeding the beneficial bacteria in your gut which will help enhance immune function and increase the likelihood of good health while travelling. While you are away be sure to continue with a daily probiotic for the entirety of your trip. NOVA probiotics do not require refrigeration making them easy to bring with you wherever you go. We suggest you continue taking probiotics in your daily life but at minimum you should take for at least two weeks after your return home.  By forming a protective barrier over the mucous lining of the intestinal tract probiotics can stop the entry of pathogenic bacteria that may try to enter your body through food or water.

Traveler’s diarrhea is a very common issue for travelers. It is easily spread from person to person as well as from eating contaminated food or drinking contaminated water. A daily probiotic can help to handle acute infectious diarrhea. They also help to restore the balance after the symptoms dissipate.

Some travellers also experience bloating and constipation when they are travelling. Probiotics help prevent these uncomfortable digestive problems.

You are on holidays it is a time to relax and relish. For many people this will involve enjoying and sometimes over enjoying alcoholic drinks. It is a pity to have last night’s festivities ruin this morning’s plans. Probiotics can help you to avoid those awful hangovers. Alcohol does many things within the digestive tract. It increases the production of acid which aggravates the gut lining and can cause inflammation of the stomach and GI tract lining and potentially altering the gut flora. Some studies have concluded that people who drink alcohol habitually have decreased levels of good gut bacteria. Even just five short days of supplementing probiotics showed positive increases. Probiotics are also able to get elevated liver enzymes back to normal levels. If you have a healthy and balanced gut you are more likely to be able to handle overindulging once in a while and feel better faster. Probiotics actually assist in metabolizing alcohol. Also, by taking a probiotic before going to bed and again mid morning you can often lessen a hangover because certain strains of probiotics help to breakdown the toxic metabolites of alcohol breakdown and prevent them from accumulating.  Probiotics help to move acetaldehyde through your system more speedily. This is believed to be responsible for inflammation and other hangover symptoms.  Drinking plenty of water during the night out as well as before sleeping is also helpful as it minimizes the effect of dehydration. When you consume alcohol the yeast in your gut tends to increase and probiotics help to maintain the balance of bacteria and yeast.

While you are exploring a new country you may also want to partake in experimenting with new cuisines. NOVA probiotics pro-digest formula allows you to better enjoy your food without encountering stomach issues.

When you are travelling to new and exotic destinations your bodies will often encounter unknown or harmful bacteria. This can make you feel sick and cause you to experience unpleasant stomach cramps, bloating, constipation and traveler’s diarrhea. Drinking booze and eating foods that are more processed, fatty or sugary are all common when you are letting lose on holidays. However, all of these things can deplete the good bacteria in your gut. This makes replenishing the good bacteria with a probiotic extra important.

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