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Charles Dickens was quoted as saying “What greater gift than the love of a cat”. Certainly, it is one of life’s purest joys. Good health is a gift most every living thing needs and you have the privilege and responsibility of helping to give it to your cat. Since 70% of your cat’s immune system is found in their gut keeping it healthy with a daily probiotic contributes widely to your cat’s overall wellness.

A daily probiotic helps to decrease the PH in your cat’s gut and promotes the good bacteria to thrive. This benefits their overall digestive health. This good digestion assists them in building and repairing tissues and obtaining energy.

If you decide to change up your cat’s diet it is usually a good idea to do so gradually. To further prevent stomach issues during the transition be sure to sprinkle a daily probiotic on their food. This also aids in their ability to break down food and improves the assimilation of nutrients and vitamins. Kibble is not a food that is found in the wild. It is not the natural food of felines. Though there are many wonderful brands on the market some commercial cat food may contribute to the development of inflammatory bowel disease or IBD. Any breed can develop IBD but some breeds like Siamese cats may be more genetically predisposed to it. Adding probiotics can help manage IBD and are frequently part of IBD treatment plans. Depending on the cat and the severity of their symptoms certain diets, medications and vitamin injections may also be suggested by their vet.

Cats that suffer with diarrhea usually have altered fecal microbiome making it crucial that new, good bacteria is introduced into their guts. A stable and robust intestinal flora can help ensure that your cat can resist infections, reduce toxins and even minimize the smell of urine in feces in cat making your litterbox situation more ideal.

Hairballs are a hairy situation not fun for any cat or their humans. Sometimes hairballs are indictive of an unhealthy digestive tract. Promoting healthy digestion can ensure that your cat can pass hair before it develops into a hairball.

We have all heard the term “scaredy cat”. Some cats may seem nervous and jumpy. A daily probiotic is helpful in managing their anxiety. It is especially important to make sure they have had daily probiotics leading up to a potentially stressful event or situation.

Cats are wise, curious, intuitive, clean, sweet, lovely little creatures. Their guts play a large role in their overall well being and a daily probiotic is an easy way you can keep them at their best.

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